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The last 6 months have been full of ups and downs

I’m most proud of the release of my new book and the healing journey it took me on.
The Dissociate: A Memoir of Secrets and Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I’m least proud of the darkness I experienced. At times dwelling on thoughts that have nothing to do with the present.

The universe has a way of providing all of us with gentle nudges in the direction we need to move in life to reach our authentic purpose.
The key is to listen.
In moments of darkness, I found it difficult to listen because of the loud chatter in my head.

These nudges from the universe and friends have taken me to a new chapter.

 I’m thrilled to share that my book is not only available for purchase through my website and Amazon Worldwide https://debbieehrstien.com/about-the-book/  As of this week, it’s available at Indigo/Chapters Stores. In the coming weeks I have been asked to participate in book signings at some of the local stores. I have graciously accepted and will continue to follow my purpose to help other survivors and supporters of sexual abuse and live a life without shame.