Bell Let’s Talk Day raises more than $7.2M


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Did you know:

The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year. This includes health care costs, lost productivity, and reductions in health-related quality of life.

By the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have—or have had—a mental illness

Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Canada

The disease burden of mental illness is 1.5 times higher than all cancers put together

About 4,000 Canadians per year die by suicide—an average of almost 11 suicides a day

The Dissociate ~ A Memoir of Secrets and Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse I discuss in Chapter Four my mental illness journey. I share the types of treatment, therapies and doctors that were involved in my road to wellness. I also share an excerpt from a suicide note I wrote on a very dark and painful day I was preparing to take my life. I’m so glad I’m not another statistic and I’m here today to be an advocate for other survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Please remember, you are not alone.

For help, please call

Canada Suicide Prevention Services 1-833-456-4566 Available 24/7

United States Suicide Prevention 1-800-784-2433 Available 24/7

Worldwide contacts:




Every child deserves a childhood ~ Don’t let it be taken away


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Every child deserves a childhood.                                                                       Don’t let it be taken away.
We have a moral responsibility to stand up for children.
Childhood sexual abuse is preventable through awareness and education.

Join me tonight at Chapters, Crowfoot Calgary 6 – 8pm 

We have a chance to provide help to our children and stop the hurting

You are not alone

Breaking the Silence


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Over the past year I received countless messages from men & women (survivors and supporters) from all over the world. I made it a goal to respond to each of you.  Thank-you for all the messages and keep up the difficult work of healing. You can do it!

Recently, I received yet another note that touched my heart. 

“Debbie Ehrstien’s authentic and unabashed honesty when talking about a topic very close to my heart was inspiring and loving company for me through a period of struggling and healing, and continues to be to this day. Her connection to dance and movement discussed in the book struck me in particular, and I am endlessly thankful that she was brave enough to share her story!”  ~ anonymous



Break the silence and start your healing journey today. You’ll soon realize how strong, courageous and spectacular you really are.

You are not alone.

Yoga and the Benefits of Calming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms


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Yoga consists of breath (pranayama), postures (asanas) and meditation. 

Yoga has been a big part of my continued healing journey. My determination to reconnect my mind and body. 

In chapter seven of my book, The Dissociate: A Memoir of Secrets and Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse I talk about how self-care has helped bring me back into my body.  

Yoga Class today was a reminder of my continued work in healing my mind, body and spirit.    

I was asked to reach behind and grab my right foot with my right hand. Sounds simple right? I was unable to do this posture. Not because of flexibility but because I didn’t know where my foot was. I began to feel panic. Stress began to surge through my body. I looked behind to ensure I still had a right foot. I know that sounds odd but I had to reassure my mind I was still whole. I then began judging myself. Why is this happening again? Why am I disconnecting my mind and body? 

It only lasted a few minutes thanks to some deep cleansing breaths.  I began to quiet my mind and quickly I realized that I’m very much a work in progress and that’s okay. 

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that is the result of great suffering. PTSD can disrupt your whole life ― your job, your relationships, your health and your everyday enjoyment. 

But there’s hope. 

Do the hard work and don’t give up. 

You are not alone.


Help our children and STOP the hurting. Let’s put an END to childhood sexual abuse.


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Please join me tomorrow evening at Chapters Chinook, Calgary, Canada

Lets Put an END to Childhood Sexual Abuse


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Join me tomorrow at Chapters Chinook, Calgary, Canada

We have a chance to provide help to our children and stop the hurting

Break the silence


You are not alone 

Float like a Beautiful Butterfly and STING like a Bee


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The health benefits of boxing have surpassed my expectations. To me, it’s like another form of meditation because you must be in the NOW with focus and concentration.

Thanks Ryan for teaching me how to float like a beautiful butterfly and STING like a bee.

Check out Ryan’s video on my instagram/facebook/twitter



Yoga Nidra – Deep Sleep & Relaxation


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I fell in love with the practice of yoga several years ago. I heard about the health benefits of yoga and wanted to reconnect with my body. Quickly I discovered profound health benefits. In Chapter Seven of my book, The Dissociate I talk about self-care and how yoga became a great tool in my healing journey.

I have been through turbulent phases in my life, both physically and mentally since early childhood and there was definitely a lack of connection and “grounding” from my soul, mind and body.

When I started healing a childhood trauma that was haunting my life, I no longer had the ability to sleep well at night. My nights were full of terrors and flashbacks. In search of a solution that didn’t include sleeping pills, I traveled to Mexico.

While visiting a Yoga Shala, I soon discovered Yoga Nidra. This practice was offered by a very talented, well respected teacher in all disciplines of yoga who trained globally to bring knowledge and experience to her students. I took an introductory course and soon realized this was the answer to my sleepless nights. Shortly thereafter I embarked on the Yoga Teacher Training in the discipline of Yoga Nidra in Mexico. I now call Mexico and Canada my home.

Photo credits: Chuck Szmurlo

I will be a Guest Instructor at Inspire Wellness Centre (Inspire Yoga) located in Calgary, Canada for a limited time. Aug 7 – Sept 28

Learn what’s going on with your brain waves when you sink into a YOGA NIDRA practice and why it leaves you feeling so refreshed.

Begin with sensing the body and learning specific breathing patterns to stimulate a deep relaxation response. The relaxation response balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and balances the left and right brain. Your heart rate and respiration begin to slow, as the mood-regulating hormone serotonin releases further calming the mind and body.

Yoga Nidra OR YOGIC SLEEP is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Learn to relax consciously, some say a single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as 4 hours of conventional sleep. People who practice Yoga Nidra feel refreshed and relaxed and find that regular sleep habits is no longer an issue.

The benefits of Yoga Nidra

Better sleep pattern

Healthy heart rate

Reduces stress

Reduces inflammation

Bolsters memory

Create an overall healthier weight

Reduce depression and anxiety

Reduce chronic pain

Reduce blood pressure and improve blood glucose

Assists in calming PTSD symptoms

Support menopause

Alleviate sleep apnea

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