What a Difference a Year Makes


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Today marks the one year anniversary of publishing my new book.

I will be celebrating at my Book Signing tomorrow at Chapters Crowfoot. Please join me. Thank-you to all the courageous warriors that have found the strength to have a voice and speak your truth. It has been an honour and privilege to meet and talk to each and everyone.

Remember, you are not alone.       

Happy International Day of Yoga 2018


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In Chapter Seven of my book: Self-care Throughout Healing and Beyond                  I talk about coming back into my body through Yoga.

“When I first learned about Yoga, I felt a little intimidated by the practice. Combining breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures meant that I needed to focus on many things……at the same time. I felt I was seasoned at doing each of these things in isolation but all together?

After time on the mat, practice and persistence has paid off.

Here are a few benefits I’ve noticed:

lower stress levels, calmer and more peaceful, better flexibility, increased muscle strength, and my overall athletic performance during exercise has improved

See you on the mat!


Making a Difference One Conversation at a Time – Please Join me today/tonight


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Get educated to END childhood sexual abuse  

Standing Strong at Chapters Chinook from 5:00 – 9:00pm


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Please join me tonight!

Making a difference one conversation at a time

Chapters Chinook 6455 Macleod Trail L1, Calgary, AB, Canada

Sexual Abuse Put Me Deep into Self-Worth Debt


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In Chapter Six of The Dissociate: A Memoir of Secrets and Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse I talk about my healing continuum to the journey to wellness.

The common question amongst many survivors is, “Where am I on the healing continuum?” A question I’ve asked many specialists and therapists in the field of childhood trauma.

I believe that everyone’s journey is different but there are key areas or stages that one must go through. I remember a time when I had difficulties speaking of the abuse without crying and sobbing uncontrollably. While I can still be emotional, I’ve worked through my feelings and adjusted so I’m not tearing up all the time. That’s growth.

Here is the continuum I created plotting the different stages I experienced.

The Ehrstien Index may help you.

Helping is Healing


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This week I had the pleasure of spending time with Theo Fleury.

We share a common thread of surviving childhood sexual abuse. Theo is a true inspiration to me. He created Breaking Free Foundation – an organization to help survivors. To provide survivors of traumatic life events with the treatment and support needed to reclaim their lives.


Book Signing this Friday – Meet the Author


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Get educated to end childhood sexual abuse.

My book is for survivors, supporters, doctors, parents and teachers

Please join me this Friday Indigospirit 11:30 – 1:30pm                                       317 7 Ave SW Calgary, Canada 

Childhood sexual abuse is tough to talk about but even tougher to live through

Voices of Warriors, Other Survivors and their Healing Journey Stories


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In chapter ten, The Dissociate: A Memoir of Secrets and Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse you read stories from courageous women. I call these women my beautiful warrior sisters.

Over the past few months during my book signings I have met many warriors. Men and women with the common thread of sexual abuse. Either as children or adults. Strong, brave men and women. Thank-you for sharing your stories and beginning your healing journey. You are NOT alone.





Meet the Author – Get Educated to End Childhood Sexual Abuse


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Join me at my book signing today! 

Indigo – CrossIron Mills from noon – 4pm                                                 261055 Crossiron Blvd #346, Rocky View No. 44, Canada 

Please get educated to END childhood sexual abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse is tough to talk about but even tougher to live through