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I had the honour of meeting Andrea at Chapters while on my Western Canada/USA book tour a couple months ago.

In Chapter six of my book, The Dissociate I talk about the healing continuum. Breaking the silence takes a great deal of courage to share what happened. The powerful healing force behind telling another human being will help you move forward.

Here is comments from Andrea….

“I met you a couple months ago at Chapters in Coquitlam and shared a bit of my story with you. Since that day it opened the bandage a bit more to allow my hurt to continue healing. I feel I was meant to run into you that day as I may have been stuck in the progress so this definitely changed my thinking towards my struggle. I have not yet read your book but I plan to get to it very soon. I admire your courage to come out and share your story so thank you for being so brave. Best regards to you.” 


Thank-you Andrea for trusting me with your story. You are strong and courageous.

You are not alone.