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Here’s a little sneak peek at one of the chapters in my upcoming Book

My Self Care Diet
All my friends know me as a Foodie. I have a love for cooking and eating. Diet & nutrition and many other lifestyle changes has led to a healthier happier me. I became interested in what I was consuming because at times I felt horrible after eating certain foods. Mentally and physically. After all, we are what we eat right?
I had the pleasure of getting to know a friend who ate like a caveman. But he certainly didn’t look like one. He was the picture of health. His way of eating was called ‘Paleo diet’.
The Paleo way of eating is an effort to eat like we used to way back in the day. Consisting of a clean diet without additives, preservatives, or chemicals. No refined sugars or processed foods. And an abundance of organic vegetables, oils, nuts and seeds. And meat.
I didn’t adopt the paleo culture completely because I choose to eat meat and seafood only occasionally.

In my upcoming book I list the foods that have led to a healthier happier me. 😊