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I met several survivors at the signing this past weekend at Indigo CrossIron Mills. Courageous warriors that have big bold voices for the world to hear the truth and some just taking that first step in the healing process. Child abuse of any sort can leave lasting scares. And mental illness is often the result. Mental illness changes the way people feel, think and sometimes act.

The pain and struggle victims endure stay with them for life. 
Those imbedded scars NEVER go away. New research is now revealing what happens to the brain in the aftermath of early-life abuse. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319566.php

The economic impact of child abuse on society is staggering.
According to the Day model, which measures the judicial, social services, education, health, employment and personal costs of violence:
The total costs of child abuse (including child sexual abuse) are estimated to be $15,705,910,947 annually.

Please get educated to END childhood sexual abuse.